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Watershed Rangers

The Watershed Rangers curriculum is a unique compilation of resources for local students. The curriculum and its accompanying resource kits utilize the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed as a place-based organizing structure for academic lessons for elementary students. The curriculum and activities are linked to national academic standards and Oregon education benchmarks. The methodology of the lessons is hands-on, multidisciplinary, inquiry-based and evaluative, introducing students to the fundamentals of scientific methods and other valuable forms of analysis and expression. Activities also encourage students to practice communication and collaboration skills, essential for enhancing participation, leadership and creativity among all young students of the 21st century.Watershed Rangers restore Elijah Bristow State Park. Click here to see the video.

The Watershed Rangers Curriculum Structure

The twelve thematic units of the Watershed Rangers curriculum are:

Students learn from challenges, conflicts, cooperation and real-world solutions unique to our watershed and develop an appreciation for the complex and delicate nature of the environment and the importance of resource management.