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Watershed Rangers Project

The goal of the Watershed Education Project is to foster a sense of stewardship toward the Middle Fork Watershed among elementary school students. To support this goal, Watershed Rangers discover wildlifeit is our mission to provide resources for schools and teachers to help their students better understand local ecosystems and give them the tools to visit and help restore natural sites in the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed.

Participating teachers work closely with the WEP Coordinator to plan a program for the year. The direction each class program takes is designed to fit each teacher’s needs and the requirements of the district. All activities are aligned with Oregon state standards in science and many other subjects and offered to participating schools at no charge.

What Watershed Rangers provides

How can I take part in Watershed Rangers?

Teachers. Do you teach 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade at a public elementary school in the Middle Fork Willamette watershed? If so, we would love to work with you! And if you teach a different grade or work in a different area, we are still interested in hearing from you. Contact the WEP Coordinator to learn more.

Students. There are teachers participating in Watershed Rangers at Oakridge, Lundy, and Pleasant Hill elementary schools, so most young students in the watershed will participate in the project at some point. For older students, there are opportunities to help with Watershed Rangers projects and other volunteer projects of the MFWWC. College and university students have been great project partners in the past. If you are currently a student of environmental studies, natural resources, science, or education and are interested in meaningful volunteer work, click here to get involved!

Community Members. Volunteers are a great asset to our program! If you have a background in natural resources or the sciences and are interested in sharing your expertise with students, there may be a place for you in Watershed Rangers. For individuals of any background or profession, there are many ways to support watershed education. You can contribute by volunteering with the watershed council, spreading the word about our efforts or making a donation. Even a small cash donation can be the deciding factor for whether a class gets to take a field trip or not.