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BLM, Guistina Land and Timber, Institute for Applied Ecology, Lane County, MFWWC, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Springfield Utility Board, USACE, USFS, Wallama Restoration, Weyerhaeuser, Willamalane

Funding agencies:

OWEB, MMT, National Forest Foundation, USFS, BLM, USACE

Map of known false-brome in the watershed

Project Overview

In April 2007, we formed the Invasive Species Working Group to address the false brome infestation and loss of high quality habitat. Facilitated by the MFWWC, the Group established a Draft Implementation Plan, identified known populations, data gaps, and the need to hire a Landowner Outreach Coordinator to survey and map populations on private properties.  MFWWC wrote several grant proposals and received $49,349 and $93,188 in match funding, developed a position description, interviewed, hired and trained a Coordinator in December 2007. By end of December 2008, 1200 landowners have been contacted, 140 private landowners have participated, 2000 acres of private property surveyed and 300 acres of brome mapped. We anticipate a total of 225 landowners participating by July 2009. Information gathered is being used to develop our final Strategic Implementation Plan, which will guide the restoration activities of the Group.  To date, 150 willing landowners and partners made a commitment to treat false brome on their properties and working together in a strategic manner, the Group will successfully protect and enhance native habitats in the lower watershed.



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