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Monitoring Reports

Upper Willamette TMDL Implementation Plans:

MFWWC worked with and partners to develop, write and present TMDL matrices and Implementation Plans for the Cities of Oakridge, Westfir and Lowell. MFWWC is now actively working with these cities to implement the Plans.


Haws Oregon Chub Pond one year monitoring report:

Report submitted to OWEB in October 2009 on the status of a completed pond to provide habitat for a population of Oregon chub. You may also view photos of several stages of the project here.


2008-2010 Upper Willamette water quality monitoring report

Completed in 2011, this report presents the findings of a 3-year monitoring project in the Upper Willamette watershed. The project involved monthly sampling at approximately 16 sites throughout the watershed for parameters of turbidity, TSS, E.coli, total phosphorous, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and temperature. The data collected and analyzed will allow the Middle Fork Willamette community to determine what needs to be done to address water quality concerns and where we should focus our efforts.

Upper Willamette WQ Monitoring Final Report (8.9MB; large file make take awhile to download)

Appendix A: Site Locations

Appendix B: Sampling Protocols

Appendix C: Sample Requirements for 303d

Appendix D: DEQ Reference Benchmarks

Appendix E: Monitoring Data Results

Appendix F: Fish Benchmarks

Appendix G: Macros Summary Report

Appendix H: SOC VOC Methods Parameters